Hassle-free time tracking for JIRA self-hosted and OnDemand

Single licence: $39     Enterprise licence: $899

Hundreds of organizations choose to save money by
tracking time accurately with Worklog Assistant

  • I'm happy to report that the logged hours across my team doubled since we started using your tool. They're also much more accurate since the tool is completely objective.
    Thomas H
  • I've just used your Worklog Assistant and it's brilliant! Exactly what I've wanted since I started to use JIRA 5 months ago. Kudos to you and your team!
    Zoe S.
  • Worklog Assistant is one of the best pieces of software I have ever used and it saves me a lot of time with JIRA.
    Euan G.
  • Worklog Assistant (WLA) Support is second to none. You will NOT be disappointed if you choose to purchase this software
    Eric R.
  • Time tracking used to be like a four-letter word around my office - but Worklog Assistant has made it much easier.
    Melissa M.
  • This is a really great application. The cross-platform support looks and works great. Turnaround is great. Well done!
    Nick T.
  • Time tracking was a real chore before we came across this tool. It's an outstanding time tracking tool!
    Greg H.
  • I appreciate the kind of attention you give to your user base to improve the product. Keep it up!
    Maik M.
  • Worklog Assistant makes time tracking easy. We really appreciate the dedication to the project.
    Mark E.
  • Time tracking was very tedious, but once we found WorkLogAssistant, it became intuitively easy.
    Dick W.
  • I really like Worklog Assistant. It's the first program with a ROI of less than a day!
    Francis M.
  • I told my CTO that your product has made my daily management considerably easier.
    Dane O.
  • Worklog Assistant has been a great investment and keeps me productive!
    Brial L.
  • This is one of those tools that is simple, yet effective.
    Betsy W.
  • I'm happy using Worklog Assistant.
    Wolfgang W.
  • You sure are responsive!
    Sarah F.
  • You're the best :)
    Brandon W.
  • Well executed!
    Andy S.
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You will simply love Worklog Assistant because:

It saves you time

Never enter worklogs into JIRA® manually again! Keep track of your time with just a few convenient clicks.

It makes you money

Start tracking time more accurately than with JIRA®'s tools and stop guessing how much time you spend on certain tasks.

Accurate tracking

Time tracking with correct timezone handling. Edit, submit and comment on multiple worklogs from one screen. No more mistakes.

Embraces diversity

Worklog Assistant is usable by everyone in your organization (Development, QA, Support) and it runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

These companies use Worklog Assistant to save time and money

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