Deployment guide for Worklog Assistant

Enterprise deployment guide.


Enterprise deployments of Worklog Assistant are meant to be automated. The following summarizes the steps in any automated deployment. The rest of this guide covers these steps in detail. Note that you must have an Enterprise license to use the configurator.

Installation Requirements

Worklog Assistant will run on any Windows operating system from Windows 2000 onwards.

Worklog Assistant uses the SOAP API shipping with JIRA® from JIRA® 3.1 onwards. The JIRA® instance must be modified to allow remote API calls. See the Atlassian® documentation here: enable JIRA® SOAP API

Specifically, the section on "Enable the RPC Plugin".

Install Permissions

Worklog Assistant only requires enough permissions to install to a specified directory.

Run Permissions

Worklog Assistant requires enough runtime permissions to:

Automating Installation

Worklog Assistant uses Inno Setup as the installation technology. To install Worklog Assistant without any user interaction, you can use the following command:

WorklogAssistant-1.0.1061.exe /silent /DIR="C:\Worklog Assistant"


WorklogAssistant-1.0.1061.exe /verysilent /DIR="C:\Worklog Assistant"

The first command gives the user the installation progress, the second has no UI. More command line arguments are available here:


The installation must be run under a user with appropriate install permissions. This is usually different from the end-user actually running the program

Specifying configuration

For users with a site license, the Worklog Assistant Configurator application may be used to create a common configuration.

With the configurator, you may configure:

Worklog Assistant Configurator

Using the open/save file actions, create a configuration file. The extension should be ".wlaconfig". A good filename might be: your-company-name.wlaconfig.

Note: If you would like to set fields other than those specified in the configurator, you may add these to your config file above by using the "Manually set other fields" section. You might be interested in the following fields:

More fields can be found by looking in the registry under:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Somani Software\Worklog Assistant for JIRA\default

Any other fields may be machine generated.

Upon installation, copy the file you saved above into the installation directory:

copy company.wlaconfig "C:\Program Files\WLA"

On Mac and Linux systems, you can copy into the /etc/ directory.

This file should be updated whenever the central configuration is updated. Worklog Assistant will detect this file at startup and import the configuration options.