Are you still guessing how long you spend on your JIRA issues?

See how Worklog Assistant helps you simplify your time tracking while increasing accuracy.

WorklogAssistant Main Screen

Worklog Assistant

Simple tracking online and offline

Track your time by double-clicking the issue you are working on. Working disconnected? No problem, Worklog Assistant has you covered!

Idle time detection

Worklog Assistant knows when you've been away from your desk so you don't miss a beat.

Custom scripts

Custom scripts allow you to extend Worklog Assistant and perform custom actions. See documentation for more information.

Timesheet review

Review the time you spent this week for reporting or export to other systems. Custom time periods also supported.


Worklog Assistant is a first-class application on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu.

Enterprise deployment

Use the configurator to simplify deployment. Available with Enterprise licenses only.

... And much, much more. Find out for yourself by trying Worklog Assistant free for 30 days!